Why Share?

None of us gets anywhere without being influenced by others. That’s why one of our beliefs is that it’s important to ‘pay forward‘ the inspiration, help and advice we’ve received from others.

Without others, very few of us would ever realise our dreams. People help us. We help new people. They then help more new people. It’s all part of the beautiful cycle of life.

What are the benefits of sharing?

Apart from this being a nice investment in the Bank of What Goes Around Comes Around, you can enjoy these other benefits:

  • recognition as someone who’s taking action, pursuing dreams, and helping others
  • free publicity for your website / company / blog / product / cause / book
  • your article will be featured on our home page slider for at least one week
  • personal profile page (updated as needed) containing links to all of your articles
  • networking opportunities
  • exposure as a writer
  • nice addition to your CV
  • free access to my writing / editing skills
  • direct communication with your readers via the comments sections
  • ability to direct readers to your other online locations
  • we’ll follow you on Facebook and share your posts (if relevant)
  • you’ll be entitled to post a Contributor Logo on your site

What about if I’m an Expert Contributor?

First of all, I’m highly discerning about who is eligible to contribute as an expert. You need to have many years of successful experience in your field, be prepared and able to contribute several articles on your area of expertise, and we both need to be happy that we’re a good fit.

If you’re interested in discussing the possibility, please let me know. You’ll receive the same benefits as above, plus:

  • an ongoing relationship with us
  • a free personal advert on the home page linking to your profile, example:
Sample expert contributor personal ad

Sample free personal ad for expert contributors

  • a more extensive profile page linking to your online locations or products (see Akaisha’s profile)
  • you’ll be granted contributor access for online article writing
  • we regularly promote your posts in our social media channels
  • potential involvement in future ventures with Wodara and associates

What if I don’t want any of this? 

Then you might like to share simply because it might help someone. Isn’t that enough?

Besides, it’s always nice to have a professionally written and formatted article about yourself (or a special time in your life) that can be shared with friends and family – or simply stuck in your scrapbook to look back on in years to come!

Is sharing the same as bragging?

No. Your article will not be talking about how amazing you are (although we know you are – which is why we want to share your story).

Instead, it will be sharing the story of what happened to you, how you dealt with things, and giving helpful advice that might be useful for someone else who is interested in doing something similar.

Your story is trying to remove the ability for people to say ‘…but I can’t…’ You never know when someone might want to do exactly what you’ve done, but doesn’t know where to start! Your story could be exactly what they need.

Got it. How do I share?

It’s pretty easy. Click here for details. I look forward to hearing from you!


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