Trina Chickloski

FITNESS EXPERT and owner of Envy Fitness in British Columbia, Canada


Wife and mother of two, Trina spent many years battling drug abuse and depression. Seeking a solution to both, she began to explore the power of healthy eating and exercise. A love of physical fitness developed and has helped her to transform her life, find self-confidence, and live a life of genuine happiness.

Trina owns and runs Envy Fitness in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada, and loves helping others to find the same confidence and happiness that she has found.



  • Envy Fitness Website
  • Envy Fitness on Facebook
  • Email Trina directly:  trina [at] envyfitness [dot] ca
  • Phone:  +1-778-879-5131
  • Location:  Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada


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