Author Tips

Here are some tips to help you write your article. If you’ve got a question that I haven’t covered here, please first check the Sharing FAQ and then ask me if needed.

It’s my first article – what should I write?

If this is your first article, then you’ll be aiming to share your personal story, including:

  1. what your dream is (and why / what’s inspired you)
  2. how you’ve managed to bring it to life

What’s the goal of the article?

There are two main goals in your article:

  1. to show others that what you’ve done (or are doing) can actually be done 
  2. to give them real, ready-to-use-today practical advice and tips that might help them if they’re inspired by your story and want to try something similar themselves

What type of info should I share?

Imagine you were sitting down for drinks with a mate who’s hanging on every word, really keen to do what you’ve just done – and how they can also do it. How would you help them?

  • What would you suggest they think about?
  • What should they start preparing / researching / doing?
  • How long will it likely take them to get their ducks in a row?
  • What cost implications will they likely face?
  • What cautions can you warn them about?
  • Are there websites they should bookmark? 
  • Are there products they’ll want to investigate?
  • Are there blogs they should read?
  • Is there a certain about of money they should aim to save?

How should I format the article?

I try to conform all articles to this format:

  • Write in the first person (I/we/my/our)
  • Keep paragraphs to a maximum of five sentences
  • Group paragraphs in sections by sub-headings
  • Sections should be a maximum of five paragraphs (two or three is best)
  • Include approximately one photo (original size) for every few paragraphs
  • It can be as short or as long as you need it to be

What if I want to share another article?

Once you’ve shared your personal story, you’re then welcome to write any article on any topic that you think helps to promote our beliefs and helps to either inspire or empower others to live the life they actually want.

You may want to looking at our article categories. Some things we’d love to share include:

  • review of a place you’ve been that shouldn’t be missed
  • a product that has been indispensable for you
  • quotes that have inspired you 
  • list of books that you consider essential reading
  • personal thoughts about the preciousness of time
  • about the importance of living while we’re still healthy and able
  • inspiring poetry you’ve written or have come across
  • websites or blogs that have inspired you
  • advice about how to save for a dream 
  • philosophical perspective on life or living

What if I want to share LOTS of articles?

Great! Please let me know if you’re interested in contributing six or more articles. If you are, then we can make a special arrangement for you.

Assuming we’re a good match for each other, I can offer you a prominent location on the front page with your photo, name, and accolade.

This would then link to your profile page, which would be an enhanced version of everyone else’s. Here, you can share up to six photos, each linking to some external website, blog or e-Book of yours. It will also contain links to all of your articles in Wodara. You can also list other place you’ve been featured online.

Please note that this offer is reserved for people with extensive experience or knowledge on the main dream / topic they would be writing about. If you have only recently realised your dream, then I would be unlikely to offer you this particular option.

In most cases, you will need to have demonstrated the ability to live your dream for a prolonged period of time, thus equipping you with substantial knowledge and experience to be highlighted as an ‘expert’ in your field.

I have more questions…

No problem. There’s lots more information here:

Or simply get in touch and I’ll help you out. I look forward to receiving your article at:

krista [at] wodara [dot] org


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