Sharing Terms

If you choose to join our community of contributors, these are the general terms to which we’d both be agreeing:

Contributors will:

  • share only truthful information
  • acquire parental permission if under 18 years of age
  • give information for the purpose of inspiring and empowering others
  • accept that your submission may need to be edited
  • only submit photos that you’ve taken (or have the right to submit)
  • not change your mind after submitting your information
  • request an anonymously published article if desired
  • allow us to publish, republish, edit or promote your article indefinitely
  • allow us to use any part of your article for promotional purposes
  • understand that owns the copyright to the article
  • maintain the link to Wodara when sharing or promoting your article
  • understand that we may decline your submission if we deem it unsuitable

Wodara will:

  • only reveal personal info that you authorise
  • publish your article anonymously if that is your request
  • add you to our list of contributors
  • link your article to your personal profile page
  • credit you as the contributor or writer
  • credit you for the photos you submit
  • link to your online locations as appropriate
  • compile, format and edit your submission as required
  • maintain factual information during editing
  • email you for approval prior to upload (48 hrs silence = approval)
  • promote your article through our various social networks

If you have any questions or need clarification, please get in touch and I’ll answer any questions you have. Otherwise, if you’re happy with these terms and want to continue sharing your story, here’s how.


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