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Welcome to Wodara! I’m so glad you’re checking us out – and I hope you’ll discover that you love it here!

What’s with the Diver?

So, the diver is me, Krista Beauvais, Wodara’s founder. This pic was taken in September 2013 at Barracuda Point off Sipadan Island in Borneo, Malaysia.

This is the most recent moment in my life when I’ve had to battle seriously hard to live the life I actually WANT. This pic was taken the moment I finally won that battle and it’s my reminder that success rarely comes easily, but if you want to do it, you CAN.

That’s what Wodara’s all about. Everything we share here is about helping you win the battle against stagnation and indecision:

‘Living the life you WANT is usually not the easy option, but it IS possible. So if you want it, you should go after it!

Battle through the tough stuff to the gold on the other side. Then get in touch to give me the OK signal that you made it.’


I hope you’ll love what we’re about:

  • ABOUT – The overall summary of what we’re about
  • SCEPTICAL? – Read if you think living the life you WANT is impossible

Wodara Basics

More specific detail:

  • NAME – Where the name Wodara came from
  • BELIEFS – Our core beliefs about life / living / human connection
  • ARTICLES – The purpose of our articles and how to find what you want

Who’s Doing the Grunt Work?

If you’d like to know a bit more about the girl doing the grunt work, this should help:

Our Contributors

All of our articles are from someone who was once living a life they didn’t love. Now they’re living the life they actually WANT – and they’re excited to share how they made it happen. They’re even offering you a personal helping hand if you need it!

How to Become a Contributor

If you’re out there living your dream, pursuing the life you WANT, then we’d love for you to join our community of contributors! To help you decide if it’s right for you, here’s some helpful information:

  • WHY SHARE – Outlines the benefits of sharing
  • HOW TO SHARE – Details on exactly how to share your story
  • TERMS – The agreement between us regarding what you share
  • FAQ – Essential information

How to Get Involved

I’m not a technical person at all, so I’ve really had to work hard to get Wodara into the spaces where you can easily keep in touch with us.

  • FOLLOW – How to get updates each time a new article is published


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