Ryan Dyment

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR at the Institute for a Resource-Based Economy



Ryan is Executive Director at the Institute for a Resource-Based Economy (IRBE) in Toronto, Canada. He believes in encouraging resource-based economies rather than consumer-based economies and is an ardent proponent of the following mindset, spoken by Kenneth Boulding, the Economist:

‘Anyone who believes exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist.’

Since leaving university, Ryan worked first for KPMG for 6 years in both Toronto and Zurich. He then worked as Finance Manager for the Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. He is now a board member for Wildlife Preservation Canada, as well as managing his work with IRBE.

On the side, Ryan has pursued many interests, including travel in almost 50 countries, exploring physical activities (from marathons to yoga), and environmental awareness. He is enjoying pursuring a career that meets his ambition of promoting both education and sustainability.



  • Totonto Tool Library Website
  • IRBE Website
  • Email: ryan [at] irbe [dot] org
  • Phone: +1-647-965-5604


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