Nicole Erasmus

nicole fam smiles


Nicole, lovingly nicknamed Nix by her friends, is happily married to Gavin, the doting dad of their two lovely boys. She was raised in the Eastern Cape in South Africa and later studied English and French at Rhodes University. After spending many years living and working in the UK, she and Gavin decided to pursue a more family-oriented lifestyle in France with the arrival of their second child.

After four years of planning, they now live in the Southwest of France, having recently bought their dream home, Maison Bernis. They will be spending the next few years renovating their huge home with many outbuildings into a welcoming B&B and elegant wedding venue.

You would think all of this would be enough to fill more hours than Nicole has in her days. But somehow she find times to be an avid writer and she’s teaching English to French children at the local school!




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