Marisa Tommasini Poppelmann

poppl family


Marisa is an extremely talented Artist and loving mother of the Poppelmann family. She’s married to Sven and they have two wonderful boys, Ethan and Dylan.

They currently live in leafy Surrey, just outside the Southwest portion of London, UK and see themselves as a ‘regular, ordinary family.’ But…they have a special passion that makes them a very distinct, vibrant family. Their passion is to live life to the fullest, helping as many people with their labour and their love as possible.

Upon entering the UK schooling system, their eldest son lost his love of both reading and learning in the space of seven months. Responding to this unforeseen situation, they made the decision, after lengthy consideration and research, to opt for the home schooling approach called ‘unschooling.’

Marisa has an inspiring blog that shares the journey they are on with this new approach to learning. She is documenting the ‘unschooling’ activities her boys are doing. She’s also documenting the ‘unschooling’ travels they undertake. She shares not only the moments of happiness, but also the moments of sadness that fill their lives as they live, love, and be truly alive!

Marisa’s blog is quickly becoming noticed as something truly special in the world of unschooling. Shortly after publishing with us, she was asked to also publish on  Here’s that article:  What’s Wrong with School?




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