Krista Beauvais

stupid looking me

Hi, I’m Krista and Wodara is my baby!

This is a pretty bad photo of me (taken in Germany at Neuschwanstein Castle), but I’ve included it anyway because I’m fully in wodara at this very moment. If you don’t know what the feeling of wodara looks like, this is pretty much it: big, goofy smile that you can’t control.


After graduating with a Business Degree from a good Canadian University, I was offered a great job from which I resigned a few months later. Why? I realized I was starting down a new road of focus and dedication that would delay my life and living indefinitely. I had dreams and I needed to pursue them.

I studied for my TESOL qualification and found a great job teaching ESL in South Korea for a year – which was amazing! From there, I au-paired for six months in the South of France on the Riviera. During that special time, I also acquired my bilingual certificate and enjoyed delectably inspiring travels in the region.

Next, I moved to the UK for a working holiday that, unbeknownst to me at the time, set the stage for the next decade of my life. After working many different and amusing jobs, I pursued my teaching qualification and then my Masters in Educational Leadership and Management.

After many years of teaching English Language and Literature to secondary school students (which I love!), I was promoted to Head of English in a large school in London and simultaneously bought my first house.

A few years later, I accepted the role of Director of Teaching and Learning at a school in Kent where I loved raising overall Literacy standards. Developing a keen interest in natural therapies, I simultaneously attended College in the evenings for many years and qualified as a Massage Therapist, Reflexologist and Nutritionist.

In 2009, after 20 years of searching the world over, I finally met Erik! We were engaged three years later in Florence and eloped in Australia during our round the world trip in 2012/13. Overwhelmed by the amazing people we were meeting on our travels, Wodara was born in Cambodia whilst on our honeymoon.

If you’d like to know more about me, my views, and my background, please feel free to check out the long-winded version of my bio.



  • Email me directly at krista [at] wodara [dot] org
  • Get in touch via the contact form


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