Kadek Anis

Finally living harmoniously


Anis is Balinese and she’s a fighter. She lost her father at age four, was abandoned by her mother from the age of 10 to 14, and was widowed by 30, losing her alcoholic husband to vicious liver cancer. She was born in the North of Bali and has lived here most of her life, except for a few years living near Munich with her German husband.

Determined to find happiness and live in a state of harmony, Anis spent two years seeking a business partner to help with her existing business. She then entered into a 40-year land lease and a couple of credit deals with the bank to fund what she wanted to do. She is now a successful gardener and villa and restaurant owner and manager in the small town of Amed on the Northeast coast of Bali.

Anis is now very happy in her new life with her new husband and her adorable young daughter, Anja.



  • Email:  amedharmony [at] gmail [dot] com


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