Heidi and Alan Wagoner

Hiking Cinque Terre in Italy

Heidi and Alan have Shared

  • Move to Spain – Our Family Adventure (pending)

About Heidi and Alan

American couple Heidi and Alan met on a trip in Mexico and lived abroad together in London, England for three years after they married. They returned to California to resume ‘normal life’ but quickly realized it was no longer a good fit for them.

They packed up and moved to North Carolina, securing great jobs with great companies. They started a family and soon found themselves wanting their two children, aged 7 and 10, to explore the great wide world they’d come to love exploring.

With little hope for international placements via their jobs, they took matters into their own hands and moved their family to Spain in August 2012 for a cultural immersion experience that’s changed them all. They now live in Almuñécar, Spain and love their new Mediterranean lifestyle!

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