Doug Hanson


Doug is a laid back husband, brother, son, and pet owner. He admits to having really long arms, a love of all music, an unhealthy addiction to Pepsi, and an ability to make a mean New York-style pizza. By day, Doug is a Senior Strategist for an advertising agency. But his free time is devoted to photography, his passion.

Doug has been shooting and studying the art of photography since 2007 and admits that his learning will never stop. He’s a Canon man and likes to shoot weddings, portraits, even dabbling in some pregnancy photography.

Based on his particular love of portraits, Doug began ‘The Myriad Project’ with the goal of shooting 10,000 people’s portraits for free. So in fact, there will likely be between 50-100,000 individual portraits when he’s finished. He has done the maths. He does know this is going to take his lifetime.

He’s that passionate about portraits!




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