Dan Kelso

dan drinking


Dan is originally from the UK, living most of his life in a small town near Cambridge. He says he started out as a ‘typical English bloke’ but took a leap into the unknown at the age of 22. As a result, he’s now leading a life so far removed from his former life that it’s hard to believe he’s the same person.

Upon graduation, he trained as a Mechanic and then became a Welder. In 2010, he left the UK for some travels that took him all over SE Asia and Australia. From there he went to Thailand to casually take a few diving courses. Little did he know that his decision to do that would lead to him becoming a Dive Instructor and living on a tiny Thai island for a very long time!

Dan’s a most sociable and interesting guy. I hope we’ll be hearing more of his travels as his exciting future unfolds!



  • Personal Page on Facebook
  • Email:  kelsodaniel01 [at] hotmail.com



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