Wodara contributors have these qualities in common. That’s why we share their stories! They prove that we can live the life we want – and their advice should save the rest of us months of research and indecision. Thank you all for paying it forward!


Kim Dinan (Life on Fire)

Bucket List Seeker

Lesley Carter (Bucket List Publications)


Dan Kelso (Instructor, Thailand)

Eco Enthusiasts

Fran and Steve Pimblett (Serendipity Farm)

Emigrating Family

Nicole Erasmus (South Africa to England to France)

Heidi and Alan Wagoner (USA to Spain)


John Lee Dumas (Entrepreneur On Fire)

Kadek Anis (Harmony in Bali)

Executive Director

Ryan Dyment (Institute for a Resource-Based Economy)

Fashion Designer

Rochelle Allen (Rochelle Simone label)

Global Teachers

Beth Carroll (Primary)

Jamie (Physical Education)


Mike and Tara Shubbuck (14-month RTW Honeymoon)

Identities Withheld


International Volunteer

Michael Omo-Baré (India / South Africa)

Personal Trainer

Trina Chickloski (Envy Fitness)


Doug Hanson (The Myriad Project)

Gary Arndt (Everything-Everywhere)

Product Consultant

Jennifer Veysey Miller (Arbonne)

Retirement Expert

Akaisha Kaderli (Retired in 1991 at age 38)


Clint Dunnet (Cystic Fibrosis)

Unschooling Family

Marisa Tommasini Poppelmann (Artist & Unschooling Mom)

Website Creator

Nico Schneider (Staydu)

Weight Loss Success Story

Roni Noone (lost 70lbs)

Wodara Founder

Krista Beauvais (Teacher / World Traveller)

World Travellers

Carol Vanderwilp (Sold Everything in their 40s to Travel Indefinitely)

Exploramum and Explorason (Performing Global Random Acts of Kindness)

Megan Claire (global fairy tale romance)

Yoga Retreat Centre Owner

Teresa Kennard (Koh Phangan, Thailand)

If you’re also turning dreams into reality, we’d love to add you to this list. Here’s how.

Hope to hear from you!


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