Contributor Logo

These logos identify you as someone who shares and promotes these beliefs. If you contribute an article, you receive the right to post the appropriate logo on your site. It’s recommended that you hyperlink this to your article (or your profile page if you’ve written multiple articles).

As Seen On / Featured On

If you have an ‘as seen on’ or ‘featured on’ section on your website, here’s the most suitable Wodara logo you can add to your accolades.

as seen on logo

Contributor Logo

This is the logo to use if you’ve contributed information and the article has been written for you. This is the base contributor’s logo and can be used in place of any of the specialized logos presented below, if that’s your preference.

contributor logo

Contributing Author Logo

This is the logo you’re welcome to use if you’ve written the article yourself and we’ve simply formatted and edited it for you.

contributing author logo

Interviewee Logo

If we’ve published your article in interview format, you’re welcome to use this logo.

interviewee logo

Expert Contributor

This logo is reserved only for expert contributors who are contributing several articles on their area of expertise. If you agree that you will be one of our expert contributors, you’ll receive a customised logo specific to your name and your field of expertise.


If you have any questions, please contact me.


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