Betsy and Warren Talbot

Us - Betsy and Warren

Betsy and Warren had a life-changing wake-up call in 2008 that caused them to respond by deciding to live their ‘someday’ life now – before it’s too late.

Betsy loves to write and start deep conversations with interesting people. She’s a curious person who reads voraciously, and is a pro at meeting people and making friends. She maintains a great network of friends all over the world, and her travels mean that her friendship network is constantly growing.

She is a late-in-life hippie and growing more bohemian by the minute. When she’s not traveling, reading, writing, friending, or matchmaking, she’s probably discovering a local delicacy. Some of the most unusual: haggis, crickets, grasshoppers, blood sausage, and frog’s legs.

Betsy’s favorite destination so far has been Scotland.

Warren escaped Corporate America in 2010 after an 18-year career in the software industry. Instead of analyzing potential investments and developing strategic business plans, he now spends his days capturing great photos from their travels and plans the next destination. He feels like this is a good trade.

He’s a superb planner, and always knows his way around. He’s a living, breathing GPS unit, well-suited for long-term travel. He’s also the documenter of finances that they share on RTW Expenses.

When he’s not traveling or taking photos, he builds WordPress websites for small business clients all over the world. He has answered client questions while in Antarctica, built websites while crossing the Atlantic Ocean, and used his considerable network to open up doors for clients and friends all over the world.

Warren’s favorite destination so far has been Antarctica.



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