The Articles

Wodara articles share helpful resources and empowering stories from people who are loving life and pursuing their dreams. Articles are as long or as short as they need to be. They are written by our contributors, or by me as a free service to those with limited writing interest or skill. Articles contain original photos.

Article Categories

Articles are categorised according to the headings you see at the top of the page. Simply hover over the life category you are interested in and a drop-down menu will appear with sub-categories. If you want to see everything in the overall category, just click the category @ heading.

I can’t find what I want

It’s still very early days for us so we are in the process of building up our database of articles. There will be lots of gaps at the minute but new articles are going online every day so hopefully you will find something of interest soon. Please let me know If you can’t find anything on your topic of interest so that I can source something for you.

Why share these articles?

Life is short and precious! There’s no point settling for the situation we’re in when it’s possible to take control and make plans to improve things that need improving.

We all need to decide what kind of life we want to live, do the research, make the plans, save the money, and then make it happen! I hope our articles will help make this process a little bit easier.

How to thank the contributor

We only have these articles because generous people choose to share them! At the bottom of each article, you can leave a comment for the contributor as a way of thanking them for taking the time to share their experiences and advice. They love to receive comments!

Also, if you read one you like, please thank the contributor by clicking on any relevant sharing button to pass it around to friends and family who might like to read it.

What’s the difference between ‘written by’ and ‘contributed by’?

If an article is contributed by someone, it means they have supplied the information and I have written it. If it is written by someone, it means they have written it all themselves and I have only edited and formatted as needed. I offer both options so that someone who does not enjoy writing can still share their story.

How can I contribute an article?

If you have these qualities, I warmly welcome you to click here to get more information about how to share with our readers.

How can I get new articles when they’re published?

We offer lots of options so you can receive articles in whatever way suits you most. Simply select the option(s) you want by clicking here.


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