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  1. How and Why we Retired at 38
  2. How we Prepared for Financial Independence and World Travel
  3. Unexpected Challenges on the Road to Financial Independence
  4. Recession Lessons for your Kids
  5. Perfect the Art of International Bargaining
  6. Could you Become Car-Free? (pending)
  7. Listening with Passion (pending)
  8. Top 10 Questions and Answers on Medical Tourism (pending)
  9. The Stupidest Question in the World (pending)
  10. The Price is Right for Financial Independence (pending)

About Akaisha

Akaisha is a passionate writer and world traveller. Together with her husband Billy, they retired in 1991 at the age of 38 and now operate the website Retire Early Lifestyle. They are proud to be both Americans and world citizens.

In their twenties and thirties, they spent ten years running a successful restaurant in the beach holiday town of Santa Cruz in California. Billy also worked for Wall Street.

Stress became super-stress and they made the bold decision, after two years of ‘trialling’ their new life, to sell up and opt instead for global exploration and financial independence.

Before the terms ‘location-independent living,’ ‘medical tourism,’ and ‘digital nomads‘ were invented, Akaisha and Billy walked away from their security, routine, the ‘9-to-5,’ the ‘rat race,’ and almost all of their possessions.

In the 23 years since, they’ve been travelling the world and amassing knowledge they’ve been happily sharing with others over the years. They now have home bases in Thailand, Mexico, Guatemala, and the US.

Qualifications as a Retirement Expert

Since their retirement at the age of 38 – 23 years ago – they’ve been living a life of financial independence, tavelling the globe, and learning more about the related topics than perhaps any other couple on the planet.

They understand the nuances of medical tourism, know the ins and outs of the best expat communities in the world for affordable retirement living, are internationally published authors on the subjects, and are regularly interviewed by respected bodies in the financial world.

You will see their retirement advice shared in The Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine, The Motley Fool Ruie Your Retirement Newsletter, Bankrate.com, SmartMoney, FOXBusiness, International Living, Living and Investing Overseas, Escape from America, to name just a few.

Their specific topics of expertise include:

  • World Travel
  • Location-Independent Living
  • Medical Tourism
  • Financial Independence
  • Publishing

In Their Own Words

This is how they describe their life:

We met and married in Santa Cruz, California 36 years ago. Billy was a trained and certified French chef, having trained in The Celestial (3 Star) and La Maisonette (5 Star) restaurants in Cincinnati, Ohio.

During our travels to Europe in 1979 for 6 months, we pursued Michelin Guide restaurants and their chefs. Upon returning to California, our intention was to buy a restaurant, and incorporate this food, wine and recipe research. A keen interest in food has always been a priority.

In late 1979, we purchased LUTHER’S, a 43-seat restaurant in the seaside community of Santa Cruz, California, near the yacht harbor. For ten years, we owned and operated this restaurant, bringing it to local fame.

For the first five years, we worked as a team; Billy, the Chef, and AKAISHA, the CEO. Dean Witter took a keen interest in Billy, recruiting him for their brokerage firm. Eventually, Billy became Vice President of investments, and branch manager of the Aptos office. Meanwhile, Akaisha continued to operate the restaurant on all levels, which was open 365 days a year, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In 1989, we assessed our lives, our dreams and our bank balance. Making some bold choices, we decided to get on track to becoming early retirees. In January of 1991, at the age of 38, we retired and moved to Nevis, a 36 square mile dot in the West Indies. From there our perpetual gypsy schedule began, traveling through the West Indies, Venezuela, US, Canada, Mexico, Central America and many nations in Asia.

We have visited and/or lived in scores of countries, gathering stories and photos along the way.


Both Akaisha and Billy love the world of finance, fine cuisines, photography, publishing, tennis, volunteering, travel, and learning about different cultures.

Their Global Retirement Publications 

Akaisha is working hard to write numerous articles to help our readers. If you love what you’re reading from her and want to own your own copy of books they’ve published, this is the full list of what’s available to you:

The Adventurer’s Guide to Early Retirement, A Common Sense Approach:  This is a 2005 publication (in it’s third edition) that answers the many questions asked of us over the years. It’s a best-seller, now sold in over 40 countries.

The Adventurer's Guide to Early Retirement, 3rd Edition

The Adventurer’s Guide to Early Retirement, 3rd Edition

Your Retirement Dream IS Possible:  This is a 2011 publication, and a must-read for anyone who dreams of retirement but worries that their plan has been derailed by a weak economy. After reading this book, you’ll come away not only with a solid financial plan, but the courage and know-how to take the leap into the life you want.

Your Retirement Dream IS Possible

Your Retirement Dream IS Possible

The Adventurer’s Guide to Chapala Living:  This is a 2010 publication about this number one expat location.

An Adventurer's Guide to Chapala Living

The Adventurer’s Guide to Chapala Living

Adventurer’s Guide to Destination Choices:  Compares Mexico, Guatemala, Thailand and the US, highlighting the pros and cons of each as a retirement location.


Adventurer’s Guide to Destination Choices

The Adventurer’s Guide to the Pacific Coast of Mexico:  Detail their route, the places they stayed, prices they paid and the history and culture.

The Adventurer’s Guide to the Pacific Coast of Mexico

The Adventurer’s Guide to Mexico’s Highlands (detail our route, the places we stayed, prices we paid and the history and culture).
The Adventurer's Guide to Mexico's Highlands

The Adventurer’s Guide to Mexico’s Highlands

The Adventurer’s Guide to Guatemala:  This is a 2012 publication; an invaluable guide if you want to travel to this often overlooked retirement destination – everything is covered!
The Adventurer's Guide to Guatemala

The Adventurer’s Guide to Guatemala

How to Travel the World for Less:  We show how to live on a small amount of money, despite travel and adventure.
How to Travel the World For Less

How to Travel the World For Less

Their Advice

‘No one knows what tomorrow will bring. There are many ways to live a life, so make the most of it! Embrace your future! Follow your dreams!’

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