The Inspiration

At the age of 16, my Uncle Paul forever changed the future direction of my life. He didn’t know it at the time, nor did I. But that’s what happened.


He took me to Paris. This had been my childhood dream – and it was finally coming true! I grew up in a small town on the East coast of Canada and I had never been on a plane before, so you can imagine my excitement! Walking around Paris, I kept pinching myself in disbelief. Am I really in Paris? Paris, France?

Indeed, I was really there! My dream had come true!

Me embodying the French style, hat and all!

Me embodying the French style, hat, scarf and all!

Then something dawned on me. Something powerful. I started to think that if this dream could come true, maybe my other dreams could also come true! Excitement began to grow in me about the possibilities for my future.

But then I realised that I didn’t have any other dreams!


It was then that I started to dream. I could go anywhere I wanted.  I could see and experience anything I wanted. In short, I could have any life I wanted!

This was a powerful perspective for a sixteen year old girl from a small town! You might think it impossible, but this belief has defined my life ever since – and I have been living my dreams from the moment I finished university.


Looking to the future from atop the Eiffel Tower…


This is not a selfish philosophy. Making the choice to consciously live the life you want doesn’t mean turning your back on others or neglecting your obligations. Rather, it’s about balancing your obligations with what you need to feel truly alive in this world.

Sometimes what we need is small and easily done by ourself. Other times it’s big and we need the love and support of friends and family. But ultimately, by consciously living the life we want, an energy runs through us that enables us to better support and uplift others, ultimately making us a better friend, employee, and life partner.

There is always a way.  It may be slow.  But there's a way.

There is always a way. It may be slow. But there’s a way.


I’ve been blessed. I have a wonderful family who have always supported me in everything I’ve decided to do. I’ve also crossed paths with many truly inspiring people who are living wonderful lives; lives that make them glow in a way that you just know they’ve found their right path; they’re doing exactly what they were put here to do. These people live their wodara every day!

These people have always met my curiosity about their lives with an openness to share and lend me their insights, guiding me as and when I needed it. It’s now time for me to pay this generosity forward to others who might benefit in the same way that I have over the past two decades.

Without these people, I would be a very different person. Without them, the chapters of my life would perhaps all look pretty much the same. Thanks to them, each new chapter of my life looks nothing like the others. And I love that!

When I’m old and frail, assuming I’ve not lost my mind, I’ll smile until my dying moment that I lived the life I wanted! I hope Wodara will help all who are interested to be able to say the same!

May we all find and live our own wodara,


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