Welcome! I’m Wodara’s founder, Krista Beauvais (Canadian and British), and this is my wonderful husband, Erik (South African and French). I hope you’ll love what we’re doing with Wodara – and I hope you’ll be excited to get involved!

me in pisa

Us in Pisa on one of our European camping trips

So What’s Wodara all About?

When we’re young, we all live by the energising belief that we’re going to grow up and live the beautiful life we want. But then we grow up. And (sadly, often) we don’t.

Why? Many good reasons! It’s…

‘too expensive’
‘not practical’
‘not the safe option’
‘not the right time’

We heed these silent cautions and then very likely find ourselves ‘stuck.’ We’re not happy. We’re ‘going with the flow.’ But it’s OK and we tolerate it because we’re:

‘being responsible’
‘playing it safe’
‘thinking about the future’

We tell ourselves that it’s only temporary; we can grin and bear it for now and then we’ll start living the life we want once…

‘we have more money’
‘we’re not so swamped’
‘we’ve secured that promotion’
‘the kids have left home’
‘we’ve retired’

The small problem with that perspective is that tomorrow doesn’t always arrive. It could all end before you get more money, un-swamp yourself, secure that promotion, the kids leave home, or you finally retire! Then what?

You will have missed it, that’s what. You will have missed your life.

OUCH! Exactly! That’s why I’ve been compelled to:

Start Wodara!

I can think of no greater tragedy than getting to your declining years, frail and aching, only to look back and realise that you wasted it. You wasted your good years.

In July 2012, after almost four years together, Erik and I resigned (responsibly) from our jobs in London to embark on a 15-month RTW weddingmoon. Ten months in, we eloped and Wodara was born a couple of weeks later in Cambodia.

We had just spent the previous ten months being overwhelmed and humbled by the inspiring people we’d been meeting:

‘I’ve always tried to lead a passionate and purposeful life, but these people were truly putting me to shame! They were taking risks and living far more boldly and passionately than I ever thought was feasible or sensible.’

But there they were – doing it, safely and sensibly – and beaming with the most beautiful energy you can ever imagine a person can exude!

I wanted to collect and share their stories in the hopes of giving others the same inspiration and empowerment they were giving to me, namely the feeling of:

‘Wow, it really is possible…I want to get started NOW!’

Wodara was thus born and Erik started wondering what happened to our honeymoon relaxation!

Inspiration and Empowerment

Wodara is designed to share inspiring stories and empowering advice to help us all pursue our dreams and live the life we WANT.

Wodara articles prove that it can be done – we can live the life we actually want! It IS possible to do what we want with kids, with still being responsible, with still thinking about and preparing for the future.

I want to remove the ability for any of us to say:

‘…but I can’t…’

For those times when we hit ‘the wall’

Even for those of us who are out there everyday consciously living the lives we want and pursuing our dreams, I know that sooner or later even we hit that proverbial ‘wall.’ I’ve been there a few times – and it’s a horrible feeling!

We get down about our:

  • job
  • routine
  • bills
  • age
  • health
  • loss of loved ones

Anything and sometimes everything can get us down! Life can sometimes beat us into submission to the point of losing hope that tomorrow will be better than today.

We can even hit this wall while we’re in the middle of living the dream we worked so hard to achieve! We can feel like life is controlling us and it becomes hard to see the right path forward.

‘Sometimes it can get so bad that we don’t even know what kind of life we want!’

It’s much easier to push through these dark phases when there’s a huge collection of reminders than we can do it – clearly categorised and easy to grab.

Paying it Forward

I’m mid-thirties now and, with each step I’ve taken through my years, there have been inspiring people who’ve planted a new seed of inspiration and advice in me that would eventually grow into a new chapter of my life.

Wodara is my way of paying that forward. It’s a thank you to all of those people who’ve inspired me along the way and showed me that it is possible to live the life I want!

I hope I’ll be able to offer to others the same jolt of inspiration and empowerment that so many have given to me over the years by making me think:

‘Hey, they’re doing it so I think maybe it’s actually possible afterall…so maybe I can too! So how exactly have they done it?  Where should I start?’

Getting Started with Wodara

If you’ve not yet checked it out, the START HERE page gives all sorts of valuable info to get you started enjoying Wodara.

I hope Wodara helps to keep your life colourful and optimistic. I hope you’ll find our articles full of valuable inspiration and empowering advice that may help you to one day open a new chapter of your life!

Still Early Days…

It’s still very early days for us, so please understand if you can’t yet find an article of interest. Better still, please let me know if you want something in particular so I can source it for you.

I respond to all messages personally, so please feel free to contact me with any comments, questions or suggestions you have.

May our lives be all the vibrant colours of the rainbow!


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