From Drugs & Depression to Passionate Personal Trainer


Trina has fought back against drugs and depression to find her right path in life – and has turned it all around! She’s transformed her body, built a successful business, and is now helping others to also find health and self-confidence through physical fitness.

Me, my business, and one of my boot camp teams

Me, my business, and one of my boot camp teams

Growing up, I never envisioned myself becoming a personal trainer. I excelled in mathematics and fully expected to continue my education in the engineering world. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that:

‘Things don’t always come to plan!’

I was Lost!

University never came.  What did come were several years of drug abuse. People think you lose yourself when you are on drugs; I tend to think you are lost before you even try them. I’ve learned a lot about drugs and have a whole new perspective thanks to Ryan Hampton. Looking back, I know that depression played a huge role, but as a teenager I wasn’t aware of it.

Each year of drug abuse, each year of not caring for my body, mind and soul made the depression and despair grow. I became lost. I hit that almighty bottom. I guess the good thing about the bottom is there is only one direction to go: up.

Trying to Get Un-Lost

I quit the drugs. I started to discover myself and things around me. I met my husband and started a family. They became my devotion. I was now officially a wife, a stay-at-home mother – and surrounded by lots of love.

My Beautiful Family

My Beautiful Family

BUT…when my second child was born my depression resurfaced. The funny thing about depression is that you don’t have to be in a sad place to have it hit you.

Haunting Depression Lurks

I had nothing to be sad about – but there it was, haunting me. I was sad, alone and feeling incapable of doing anything.

I dreaded leaving my home; conversations with family/friends became difficult; and looking in the mirror was horrible. I detested the person starring back at me.  I felt crazy – and with two little ones who depended on me, I had to seek help.

A couple of appointments later, I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. I was prescribed medications and advised to eat healthier and exercise.

I started all three. This is the point where my personal training journey began.

I love the feeling of getting stronger - in every aspect of my life!

I love the feeling of getting stronger – in every aspect of my life!

Learning HOW 

At first, I had no idea what was the right way to exercise. I just ran. I ran – and ran – and ran some more. It was an easy thing to do with two babies; just hop on the treadmill and go. I also knew that I had to fix my diet up to sustain all this activity, just a short internet study session taught me that the food world was unstable, full of uncertainty, things like the Monsanto Round Up Class Action Lawsuit, for example. So this inspired me to take the fully natural road, no GMO.

It took me a couple of months to gain the courage to tackle the Bowflex that was collecting dust in the spare room. It was so intimidating at first with all the ways to maneuver it and all the exercises listed in the manual. Where do I even start?

Well, from the front of the book. I did every single exercise. I was so completely sore the next day! And that was when it hit me:  I needed to do more than just run. As much as I was sore, I felt strong. I know, one day of Bowflex won’t make me stronger, but in my mind, it did!

Now I was left wondering what to do? I can’t do every single exercise every day! Luckily, I had the internet. I searched most of the day and I came up with a plan. I had my start.


It didn’t take long to see results! With results came dumbbells, barbells and weights. With results came confidence, pride and a new joy in my life. I was in my glory.

My shoulders now :-)

My shoulders

My friends started to see the changes in me, both physically and psychologically. I was no longer on medications (not saying that exercise will do this for everyone). I was a better mother and wife. I was a better me!

I started receiving messages, emails and phone calls asking what I was doing and how to do this or that. I loved to share what I knew! I loved to show it! Then it hit me:  I’d found something I could do when the kids go back to school! Why go back to work doing something I wouldn’t be happy doing?

A couple of phone calls later, my re-training courses were booked!

Going Back to School

It sure wasn’t easy at first!

My memory was far from what it was in high school. I felt very overwhelmed. I have to say, without my husband’s support, I don’t think I would have succeeded the way I have!

I made it through exam after exam, evaluation after evaluation. I went from Fitness Leader to Weight Trainer to Personal Trainer. Now, as I train my clients to reach their goals, step by step, I’m proud to say that I do it well because I had to do the very same thing. I know what they’re going through!

Starting my Own Business 

Presently, I’m a registered BCRPA Personal Trainer and have started my own business, Envy Fitness. It’s scary at times. It’s not easy. I have to fight in an industry that is becoming flooded overnight; an industry that I’ve entered in my mid 30’s.

It can become overwhelming at times, comparing myself to those who’ve had years in the industry – or have an education a mile long. Those are the times I have to sit back and realize why I do what I do: I truly enjoy it!

My Business.:  helping others transform their lives

My Business.: helping others transform their lives

My Love of Helping Others

My job can be so inspirational!

I often begin my journey with my clients at their lowest and I get to see them flourish, both within and out of the gym. For most, it’s not about just losing weight or gaining muscle mass; it’s about learning and living a new lifestyle. It’s about showing clients how to take their fears, insecurities, inhibitions and past – and start to build their future.

There is a bond between my clients and myself. I hear their stories, both low and high. I hear their defeats and wins. I am compassionate. I think that, because of my past, because of my lows, I can be fully and genuinely compassionate and understanding.

My mind and body are now strong - and my smile is REAL!

My mind and body are now strong – and my smile is REAL!

I will never say ‘I know how it feels’ or compare my life to that of my clients, but I can have compassion for their situation and I think that helps me to tailor individual programs to suit their needs well.

Ups and Downs

Personal training can have its up and down moments. Even though you want the best for every client, not every client is ready to begin their journey.

There are days when my positivity (that gets used for motivation and encouragement) can be tested to its fullest. I am honest with my clients, but sometimes they aren’t as honest with me and results don’t come as expected. Just like any job, there are stresses.

I Love what I Do!

But – no matter the stress, the goals achieved outweigh them every single time! I love what I do!



  • Envy Fitness Website
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  • Email Trina directly:  trina [at] envyfitness [dot] ca
  • Phone:  +1-778-879-5131
  • Location:  Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

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