Afford to Stay Home & Raise your Family


When a professional woman decides to start a family, she may find herself wanting to leave full-time employment for a period of time. But how do you do it without losing your 9 to 5 income? Jen has accidentally stumbled upon a solution that is working brilliantly for her. Hear her story and see if it might be able to help you as well.

The start of our family

The start of our family

Being a Dental Hygienist in Canada, I make a pretty healthy salary and am very comfortable financially. However, when I found myself about to go on maternity leave, I began to reevaluate my priorities. Although I loved my job, I started to think that I might want the freedom to focus on raising our family without having to do the 9-5 every day.

So…how to do it?

At that stage, that’s all it was – sort of a silent wish that I didn’t know how to realize because, naturally, I was nervous about the loss of income. However, in November 2012, an unexpected door opened for me shortly after our little one was born. But my story actually starts a few years before that…

Three and a half years before November 2012, I was introduced to a company called Arbonne at a skin care presentation a girlfriend of mine was hosting. Until that night, I had never before paid much attention to my skin, let alone what chemicals I was putting into it! I learned so much that night, and after trying the skin care products, I was hooked! I loved the products and began using them religiously.

Arbonne logo

Arbonne logo

Since then, I’ve been a very happy customer – and I’ve thought nothing more of it. But then, in November 2012, I was approached by my friend about joining her Arbonne Team as an Independent Consultant. Since I already used and loved the products, I was happy to listen even though I’m not a fan of network marketing companies. I’m a Dental Hygienist; not a saleswoman!

Learning about the Arbonne Business Opportunity

She explained how it all worked and I was intrigued. I didn’t really expect to make any money from it, but I was keen on getting my products at a significant discount – plus I would get tax breaks on my mortgage, car, fuel, phone, etc! After mulling it over, I really couldn’t see a reason why I shouldn’t give it a go. Besides, I had just seen the company give her a Mercedes!

Jen's friend receiving her new Mercedez Benz for her work with Arbonne

My friend receiving her new Mercedes Benz (I’m 3rd from the left)

If you’re never heard of Arbonne before, it’s a 34-year-old Swiss company that focuses on Health and Wellness. They manufacture and sell cosmetic and health/wellness products that are pure, safe and beneficial. ALL of their products are free of minerals oils, parabens, PABA, formaldehydes, gluten, artificial colors, fragrances and other harmful ingredients.

Unlike other skin care products, theirs are all actually beneficial for skin. They are also Certified Vegan, with no animal products or bi-products, and all of their packaging is 100% recyclable. They offer exceptional products!

What makes Arbonne different...

What makes Arbonne different…

What I Hoped I’d Accomplish

When I first joined I was only looking for a discount and to make a few extra bucks – if I got lucky. As it has turned out, I started selling lots of their products! My passion has inspired others to join me, and after only four short months, I have actually been promoted to District Manager. I’m now growing my own amazing team of incredible women all over the world! I sometimes can’t believe it!

Me being awarded District Manager of Arbonne

Me (in blue) on the day I was awarded District Manager

I truly believe that this business is allowing ordinary people like myself to live extraordinary lives! Imagine sharing something you love with others and being rewarded and recognized for your efforts with jewellery, trips and expensive cars!

I Love the Flexibility!

I am a busy mom to our precious 11-month baby boy, a Dental Hygienist, and a part-time Masters Student.  I’m a busy girl! But I’m able to fit Arbonne around my life; not the other way around. My goal is to be able to stay home full-time so I can raise our son. Thanks to Arbonne, I am now well on my way to making this happen!

Arbonne Cosmetics

Arbonne Cosmetics

I love sharing with and teaching others to be successful. I still enjoy being a Dental Hygienest but working with Arbonne feels like the most rewarding ‘job’ in the world for me! I have met and befriended so many amazing and successful women through doing this. And the support and encouragement from everyone is like nothing I have ever experienced before.

Feel Free to Contact Me

I am so thankful my friend told me about this opportunity! And that’s why I wanted to share my story. Until this happened, I couldn’t see any way of replacing my 9 to 5 salary to enable me to stay home to raise our son. I’m not fully there yet, but I’m now well on my way and I would love to help other women in my same situation to also find freedom of choice!



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